Europe's Times and Unknown Waters #8
e-revistă culturală de filosofie şi literatură aplicată
lansată în Aprilie 2009
ISSN 2066 - 3323


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The main recommendations for the eight issue of "Europe's Times and Unknown Waters"

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The present issue represents the second and final part of the dossier on Postmodern Paganism or on The Impact of Postmodernity on The Primordial Structures. The Postmodern aesthetics (manifested in literature and as well in music, phenomenology and hermeneutics) appears to find its lost cadences (its „wisdom” if we are to use a Pre-Socratic term), and with them, the lines of stability and the abilities to open spaces in the act of recovering the old „horizons of the Being” and in a concordant placement on their functional orbits. By returning (in the sense of re-orienting) our good-will and our common sense back towards the sources of becoming, we accomplish a re-anchoring into the imagination and a re-rooting (with a „re” that, philosophically speaking, deems itself understandable and applicable through the Husserlian phenomenological reduction) into the living forces of the human spirit, which are in the same time living hallmarks of the power and of the will to adaptation and survival; forces capable to return to the seeker an ontological and a phenomenological authentic support. The tradition seen and understood from this perspective liberates itself from the historical debris of the clichés which have put in the shadow and even darkened man's opening towards the Being (Heidegger); and re-becomes that depositary and that generator of spirituality and of human specificity through which the individual finds himself once more and recuperates himself as a personality. The eight number of the journal Europe's Times and Unknown Waters wishes to constitute a cultural challenge in this sense, the issue offering texts meant to cover various fields from music (Lake of Tears), movies (Valhalla Rising), philosophy and literature. We hope that you will find here texts capable to personalize and investigate the old narrative, symbolic and archetypal structures, as well as the impact of Postmodernity on the old primordial structures.

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